2022 Pit Run

This year’s race takes place on Saturday 23rd April and the Registration is now online – more information here.

The event starts at 12.30, with races starting from 1.20.  There will be 3 childrens races, as well as the adult race.  There will be stalls, attractions, food, a bar and a band to keep you amused around the races.  The day will finish with an after-party at the Harrold Centre, where prizes will be awarded.  There is more information on the race times and itinerary here.

In addition, this year there will be a bake off competition – more information here.

In tandem with the website, there is of course our Facebook page. As the day draws nearer the Facebook page is the page to follow for up-to-date information and news.

The Committee is hard at work in the background, getting everything in place to ensure the day runs smoothly.  W are using a new online registration system and a new race software package this year, so there is plenty to do to make sure it all falls into place perfectly!

Cheers for now!