Harrold Pit Run 2019

Harrold Pit Run will take place on Saturday 15th June.

Yes – June! Allow us to explain…

The Pit Run has historically taken place on a Saturday in mid-to-late April event. In 2019, Easter falls very late. With local schools on holiday from 5th to 23rd April., it became obvious to us that striking with an April Saturday would have a detrimental impact on the monies we could raise for local good causes, with holidays preventing some runners and stall holders from participating and/or preparing.

We consulted wit parish councillors, church representatives, people from local groups such as the Scouts and Harrold Calvados Society, runners, marshals, sponsors, the organisers of other local events, friends, neighbours and more. With Bank Holiday and a school half-term week in May and the Odell Fete on 8th June, the overwhelming consensus is that moving Pit Run to 15th June is the best solution. We hope you agree.

So get the date in your diary and here’s to another successful Pit Run!

Thank you for your support.