The updated race and team lists

The last remaining double numbers and a couple of entries with no numbers have been sorted out. A couple of runners passing finish without a race number or unrecognisable ones remain. This has allowed us to publish the team list. Please click on the links above the Facebook feed.

Prize Categories

Open Male : 1 Cameron Gillies 2 Simon Hunter 3 Harry West
Open Female : 1 Anna Vinnicombe 2 Andrea Rawlings 3 Paris Cataldo
Open Junior M : 1 Harry West 2 James Vinnicombe 3 George Bennett
Open Junior F : 1 Lucy Atkin  2 Holly Gordon 3 Saskia Chaplin

Local Male : 1 Cameron Gillies 2 Simon Hunter 3 Harry West
Local Female : 1 Anna Vinnicombe 2 Paris Cataldo 3 Holly Gordon

Local Vet Male 40-49 Ben Norman
Local Vet Female 40-49 Hayley Vinnicombe
Local Super Vet Male 50-59 Noel Inge
Local SuperVet Female 50-59 Mary Chatfield

Team Price : Harrold Hurricanes

Team Fancy Dress : Sillycone Twits

Race Day

Please come to the Lower School Hall between 10am and 12pm to register or to pick up your race number if you haven’t and registered online. The Bake Off ‘tent’ has moved into the Baptist Church.

Medals will awarded on the Green after the races finish at about 4pm.

Full results for the Main Race will be posted on line on Saturday evening if all goes smoothly, or Sunday at the latest.

Race Categories are:

Open Male

Open Female

Open Junior Male (upto 15yrs)

Open Junior Female (upto 15yrs)

Local Male

Local Female

Local Male Vet (40-49)

Local Female Vet (40-49)

Local Male Super Vet (50-59)

Local Female Super Vet (50-59)

Local Male Super Super Vet 60+

Local Female Super Super Vet 60+

Team – fastet aggregate time

Team Fancy Dress – best dressed!


We do not record (and hence publish) the posiitons for the Children’s races, other than the 1,2,3 medal positions. So if you want to know where your child comes in time or place, then please make provision to assess this yourself.